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We design systems to fit your personal needs, so you will not have to break the bank. All systems are modular and can be upgraded at any time.












Solar Supply Durban

A renewable energy company offering a wide variety of quality solar products. Our aim is to ensure that our client’s expectations are exceeded in their day to day lives by living off the grid or even if it is just to save money on their monthly electricity bills. South African unfortunately has a very unstable electricity supply, which leaves households and business alike without power in a moment, this affects people’s daily lives and businesses. Ensure you get stable electricity supply.  We offera range of solutions for
Commercial Business Solar Solutions and for
Home Personal Solar Systemes

Solar Finance

Finance Options:
Finance  with major SA Banks.
Finance through a home loan.
Access other unsecured lending options.
Bank loan or finance house.
SERA (Solar Energy Rental Agreement) also known as a PPRA (Power Purchasing and Rental Agreement)

Once you have paid for your solar power system you will essentially be getting your electricity for free

We can help finance your system

Complete Solar Power Solution

Save yourself on electricty and load sheading


Solar Power


Inverter - Power Conversion


Battery Power - Backup & Supply


Off grid Capacity options

Break the interuptions of load shedding and poor power supply for you home with, complete solar power solutions. Make power via solar panels, store the power in your own battery backup and supply power to your home or business.

Load Shedding Power System

Save yourself load sheading outages with your own power supply


Battery Power - Backup & Supply


Inverter - Power Conversion


Automatic Power Switching


Expandable - Add Solar Later

Stop the  interuptions of load shedding and power interuptions for you home with  power stored in your own battery backup and supply power to your home or business with automatic switch over.


How does solar power make electricity?

Solar power is energy generated from the sun in the form of electric or thermal energy. Solar energy is captured in a variety of ways, the most common of which is with solar panels that convert the sun’s rays into usable electricity, which in turn can be used to power your household, business etc.


Solar options?

Residential – Solar Panels is typically installed on rooftops of homes or in open land and is generally between 5 and 40 kilowatts (kW), depending on the size of a property.
Commercial – Solar energy projects are generally installed at a greater scale than residential solar.
Each individual installation varies greatly in size as to what output is needed, according to your specific needs.

Solar Power station

Benefiting of going solar power?

Eliminate Electricity Bills
Reduce Electric Bills
No down time
No load shedding
Earn Great Returns
Avoid Electricity Inflation pricing
Increased Property Values
Protect the Environment
No noise from a generator

Solar Power Installations

Save yourself on electricty and load sheading – Go Solar Supply

We do solar system installations, from house, hotels to business solutions.


  1. Solar + Sun = Savings
  2. Solar Panels
  3. Energy Backup

I would just like to say thank you for the prompt response, friendly assistance ,And quick quote assistance!! This was so quick and easy and you did everything i asked for without a struggle!

Thank you so much

Juanita Van Aswegen

One of the best suppliers we have ever worked with is Solar Supply, and we couldn’t ask for better support. In addition to their excellent customer service and prompt response times, Solar Supply also offers high-quality items.

Tian Swart

Fantastic and very great service. Thumbs up 👍. They even supplied my generator after normal working hours.
Overland Adventures

Generally very good all round service. They installed a fairly large solar package for me(24 kw inverter capacity). Installation was very neat and completed in three days. They have been very accommodating even when I made last minute changes to the system.
Happy Bru

Excellent all round service from initial design with alternatives, to installation by their teams who were efficient and communicative along with frequent management supervision. Extremely happy with the product and the price.
Colin McCrorie


Save on Your Energy Bill?

Solar Supply Durban

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