Kehua Tech BSC 100 – 500K-A Energy Storage Converter

Three-phase Energy Storage Converter (Isolated Type)

Product Features
High efficiency
• Integrated output isolation transformer
• With bidirectional converter to charge or discharge batteries
• Optional modes for charging, including constant current charging, equalized charging and floating charging

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Three-phase Energy Storage Converter (Isolated Type)
Power grid adaptability
• Meeting the smart grid design specification and allowing power grid dispatching
• Advanced islanding detection technology
• Reactive power compensation and other functions
• Off-Grid independent operation

System characteristics
• Completely isolation of batteries from the power grid
• Charging and discharging time setting for 12 segments, better for customer's on-site applications
• On/off grid switching time: general conditions
<200ms; zero transition can be achieved under specific conditions (external connection of SCR)
• Four periods of time (peak, flat, valley and sharp) price setting, flexible calculation of user profitability

Technical Specification

Items BCS100K-A BCS250K-A BCS500K-A

DC input

  • Max. DC voltage: 000Vdc
  • DC voltage range: 500Vdc~900Vdc
  • Max. DC current: 228A 566A 1125A
  • Auto buffering function: Yes

Grid-tied AC output

  • Rated AC output power: 100kW | 250kW | 500kW
  • Max. AC output power: 110kVA | 275kVA | 550kVA
  • Rated output voltage: 400Vac
  • Output voltage range: -15%~10% (settable)
  • Rated grid frequency: 50Hz (45Hz~55Hz settable)/60Hz (55Hz ~65Hz settable)
  • Max. output current: 159A | 397A | 794A
  • Adjustable power factor: >0.99 (at rated power)/1 (leading)~1 (lagging)
  • THDi: <3% (at rated power)

Off-grid AC output

  • Rated AC output voltage Output voltage precision: 400Vac 1%
  • Max. output current: 159A I 397A I 794A
  • THDu: <1% (linear load)
  • Rated output frequency: 50Hz /60Hz
  • Overloading capability: 110% overload
  • Max. output current: 159A | 397A | 794A
  • Adjustable power factor: >0.99 (at rated power)/1 (leading)~1 (lagging)
  • THDi: <3% (at rated power)


  • Max. efficiency: 96.40% | 97.20% 97.60%

General data

  • Isolation transformer: Yes
  • IP grade: IP20 (IP21 optional)
  • Operation temperature: -30,C ~65,C (>45,C derating)
  • Relative humidity: 0~95% (no condensation)
  • Cooling type: Intelligent forced air cooling
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 800x1800x800mm | 1OOOx1950x800mm | 1400x1950x1000mm
  • Weight: 730kg | 1450kg | 2050kg
  • Altitude: 5000m (>3000m derating)
  • Display: Touch screen
  • Communication protocol: Modbus-RTU / Modbus-TCP
  • Communication interface: RS485 (standard)/ Ethernet (optional)

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